Thank you to possess development and discussing this excellent reputation control!

Thank you to possess development and discussing this excellent reputation control!

That which you is effective except out of an unsettling bug. Both the smoothness operator encounters the fresh new wall/surface. They will occurs when the latest SCC is found on a moving networks (and that motions vertically) as well as in the event the SCC actions timely. In some way this new SCC stops colliding getting a frame (perhaps way more) whenever the movespeed are large. The project works during the 60fps with no fps lose and i also allowed Fixed timestep towards the control.

I tried looking at your own code but it is also complex for me to know it. Is there people enhance otherwise small hack for it insect?

I’m getting the same trouble with swinging platforms when you look at the a task I’m focusing on…hence appears weird, as it is obviously working for my Mario endeavor. Gonna consider it. Essentially the control does not position the floor to the platform and you may instead features accumulating downwards speed out-of gravity, ultimately phasing as a consequence of it.

You will notice that in the event that controller drops on the a beneficial vertically moving platform otherwise leaps involved, this new SCC skips the newest moving system however, detects the ground lower than they

Yup, something that You will find noticed is the fact that bug have a tendency to happen when clamping try handicapped on the operator. Are logging the name/mark of surface detected below the control. Thus the newest control is caught on the fall state for around one minute (as if the brand new scc are prohibited by the moving platform’s collider but instead of finding 321chat Profily they. ) up coming rapidly experience the latest collider and you may clamps on ground less than (one which try recognized because of the scc). At this point, it insect failed to occurs with good horizontally swinging platform however, possibly I have not checked-out him or her adequate.

Hello there! Did some of the thing is out that which was ultimately causing this matter? I’ve come across an equivalent trouble with programs that will be swinging vertically and can’t discover supply of the issue inside the fresh password, your own SCC looks stellar if you ask me!

I have one question to you, I would like to build NPCs such as for instance Sheeps, how to modify it software to help with spheres having x/z counterbalance?

Btw, We have optimized their BSPTree script greatly, now it makes zero allocations & is around 100x shorter. You desire they?

To alter the positioning of spheres utilized, you’ll want to customize the CollisionSphere class (included in SuperCharacterController.cs). Now it offers just one float titled offset one to means it up otherwise down. If you’d like to assistance directional offset, I would personally highly recommend replacement it with an effective Vector3. You will need to enhance this new SpherePosition approach also, which will take an accident sphere and spends it is offset to choose where during the World Area it is. There is certainly a couple of other little things however, which will be the chief posts.

Up until now I adore they!

So far as a far greater BSPTree, needless to say! Go ahead and complete it a pull consult toward chief repo if you’d like.

“NullReferenceException: Object resource not set to an instance of an item SuperCharacterController+SuperGround.ProbeGround (Vector3 origin, Int32 iter) (on Possessions/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:666) SuperCharacterController.ProbeGround (Int32 iter) (at Property/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:226) SuperCharacterController.SingleUpdate () (from the Assets/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:194) SuperCharacterController.Modify () (during the Assets/SuperCharacterController/Core/SuperCharacterController.cs:158)”

The brand new SCC anticipates here constantly are a global ground according to the member to make sure it have not slash from the community. I only lay a big unlimited invisible box collider having it goal.

Things found in the project out-of GitHub in the SpaceZone scene: 1) There is certainly a sedentary object on hierarchy “Forgotten Prefab” that have a couple of children. It is never activated. Does it have a work? 2) The newest the law of gravity script into “Player” enjoys an uncovered “Planet” source and this factors to one of the college students of one’s “Missing Prefab”. We think the response to #1 commonly address that it but, what is the “Planet” reference creating?

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