Agriculture Sector

If you work in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, you will know it’s an industry like no other— and while it means every day is different, the ups and downs of farm work can seem to conspire against you when it comes to managing your workers. Here at Fusion Personnel, our years of experience in the field of food production and processing mean that we can offer one thing no-one else can – results.

With nearly twenty-five years of experience, Fusion Personnel Limited specializes in providing seasonal labor in and around the UK— and when almost 75% of the country is dedicated to farmland, as well as over 250,000 farm businesses, the scope for agricultural and horticultural opportunities is endless. The only problem seems to be finding willing workers.

A problem which is exacerbated when you consider work is readily available over the summer but lacking over the colder months, making retaining competent farm hands a challenge. As such, agency workers turn out to be an important investment as they can work elsewhere in the lull before they return year on year to pick again. Here at Fusion Personnel, we endeavour to keep your regulars on hand for whenever you need them, meaning you never need to waste time and money training up rookies again.

Industrial Sector

In the fast-paced world of industry, no two days are the same. As stock comes and goes the demands placed on warehouses change, meaning that your workforce is likely to be constantly evolving to suit. With our large database of workers, we can turn what could quickly become a headache into a streamlined solution, sending you the people you need to fill in the gaps.

While hiring surplus people ‘just in case’ things get busy doesn’t make economic sense, nor does stretching your existing staff to breaking point. This is where our agency workers come in — by having only the number of people you need that day; you’ll save both time and money. Through our long-running relationships with our clients, Fusion Personnel has fine-tuned the flexibility and expertise you need to help your business succeed.

Not just a commodity for shifting things around the country, more than 8% of jobs in the country are found in the transport and logistics sector, and the need for shipping goods from one end of the country to the other can only rise in the coming years. As the person responsible for organizing, it all, your job can only get more complex as more vehicles take to the roads —which is why we continue to recruit the best drivers we can, to take that load off your shoulders when you need us most.

Logistics Service

Fusion Personnel Limited is also a specialist supplier of transport and logistics drivers across the country, whether it’s last-minute lorry drivers or something more specific. Keeping the country moving, road haulage is responsible for everything from the petrol that fuels our cars to the food we buy and much more.

Here at Fusion Personnel, our business is driven by our clients’ demands. Just because you have a shortfall in your staff doesn’t mean your goods need to stop moving — perhaps even risking your hard-earned reputation in the process. From cars to LGVs, from coaches to tankers, we have the drivers you need for keeping your business on track. With fluctuating order books, sickness, and holidays, it can be difficult to balance everything, which is why we go the extra mile to make sure you can get a fully licensed and qualified driver whenever, and wherever, you need them.

Putting your faith in Fusion Personnel means you will get the best service possible. As one of our longest running sectors, the industrial arm of the company is all too familiar with the bustling warehouses you manage and the needs you have from day to day. Having placed thousands of workers in various packing, production, and distribution companies across the country, we have the experience and know-how to find the best solution to your staffing struggles.

Direct Recruitment

Having almost three decades of experience in recruitment, Fusion Personnel has plenty of experience in matching vacancies to the right people for the job. With today’s job market being more competitive than ever, you may well be flooded with applications yet none of them turn out to be suitable. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and let us take over your search and hunt out the perfect person for you. From cars to LGVs, from coaches to tankers, we have the drivers you need for keeping your business on track. With fluctuating order books, sickness, and holidays, it can be difficult to balance everything, which is why we go the extra mile to make sure you can get a fully licensed and qualified driver whenever, and wherever, you need them.

Managed Service

Like most companies, the way your company works has probably changed significantly in recent years. More than ever, companies are finding that Fusion Personnel’s Managed Services provide the perfect solution to their business’ lagging productivities. Through strategic consultations and focusing primarily on what your workforce requires, we can help you work out the best way to meet your staffing requirements, consolidating them and saving money in the process.

Easy Administration

With only so many hours in a day, you can be hard-pressed to get everything done. With heaps of paperwork threatening to bury you alive, payroll problems coming out your ears and staffing issues knocking on your door, you may even wish you’d never gone into business in the first place. We can turn those stresses and strains into a thing of the past, letting you concentrate on the bigger picture.

With minimal intrusions to your working day, we make sure you stay informed at every step of the way, producing regular reports to be read at a time that suits you best. Whether its Key Performance Indicators, timesheets, or account information you will get a good idea of where your business is at in a glance, and how the candidates we’ve supplied are doing. We will also deal with all the paperwork, so you don’t have to, letting you relax in the knowledge that we are getting on with our work, while you get on with yours.

Web Development

1. WordPress Website Development

We offer basic to advanced features integration WordPress Development solution. Our WordPress solution cost is budget-friendly as we believe to build a long-term business solution. With our brainstorming and planning sessions, we ensure that there is no gap in the communication between the client and our developers. We also make sure that the website is tested for quality before making it live.

2. E-commerce Website Development

If you want to start your Online Business, then you will need an ecommerce website. Our expert team will professionally design and develop your dream website integrating all of your requirements and  features. The solution comes up with all the necessary steps to sell your products online! Order management system, receiving payments from clients, tracking order etc. So, you will get everything you need for your online journey!

3. WordPress Errors, Bugs Solution

If you are having a problem with your WP website and planning to fix WordPress errors or change some features, you are in the right place. We can help you to fix WordPress bugs, issues and errors within just 24 hours. Needless to say, our team is capable of solving all kinds of wordpress errors within shortest possible times.