Lua try an expansion programming language built to support basic procedural programming with information description amenities

Lua try an expansion programming language built to support basic procedural programming with information description amenities

In addition supplies great service for object-oriented programs, useful programs, and data-driven programming. Lua will probably be made use of as a robust, light-weight scripting words for system that requires one. Lua was implemented as a library, printed in thoroughly clean C (that’s, during the common subset of ANSI C and C++).

Getting an expansion vocabulary, Lua has no thought of a “main” system: they only works embedded in a bunch customer, known as embedding program or the variety. This variety program can invoke functions to perform some Lua code, can compose and read Lua variables, and can enroll C performance becoming also known as by Lua signal. Using C features, Lua are enhanced to cope with a wide range of various domain names, therefore promoting personalized programming dialects revealing a syntactical framework. The Lua circulation contains a sample host system known as lua , which uses the Lua library available a whole, stand-alone Lua interpreter.

Lua is free pc software, and is also provided as always without assures, as previously mentioned within its license. The implementation outlined within this guide can be obtained at Lua’s recognized website, .


Like any different research guide, this document is dry in places. For a debate of the decisions behind the design of Lua, notice technical papers offered by Lua’s internet site. For a detailed introduction to development in Lua, discover Roberto’s book, programs in Lua (Second release).

This part represent the lexis, the syntax, and also the semantics of Lua. In other words, this part describes which tokens tend to be legitimate, how they can feel merged, and just what their combos suggest.

The language constructs would be described using the usual longer BNF notation, wherein ways 0 or higher a’s, and [a] means an optional a. Non-terminals include shown like non-terminal, keywords and phrases become revealed like kword, and other terminal symbols are shown like `=A?. The complete syntax of Lua are located in A§8 at the conclusion of this guide.

2.1 Lexical Conventions

Brands (also known as identifiers) in Lua can be any string of characters, digits, and underscores, maybe not you start with a digit. This coincides making use of the concept of labels generally in most languages. (this is of page is based on current locale: any dynamics considered alphabetic by the recent location may be used in an identifier.) Identifiers are widely used to mention Popular dating service variables and table areas.

Lua is actually a case-sensitive language: and is also a reserved phrase, but And and and generally are two different, good labels. As a meeting, labels beginning with an underscore with uppercase characters (such _VERSION ) include kepted for interior international variables used by Lua.

Literal chain can be delimited by coordinating solitary or double prices, and will support the soon after C-like escape sequences: ‘ \a ‘ (bell), ‘ \b ‘ (backspace), ‘ \f ‘ (kind feed), ‘ \n ‘ (newline), ‘ \r ‘ (carriage return), ‘ \t ‘ (horizontal loss), ‘ \v ‘ (vertical loss), ‘ \\ ‘ (backslash), ‘ \” ‘ (quotation level [double quote]), and ‘ \’ ‘ (apostrophe [single quote]). More over, a backslash accompanied by a real newline causes a newline during the string. A character in a string can also be specified by its statistical appreciate utilizing the get away series \ddd , in which ddd are a sequence all the way to three decimal digits. (keep in mind that if a numerical avoid is to be followed by a digit, it has to be shown utilizing precisely three digits.) Strings in Lua can include any 8-bit value, including inserted zeros, which are often given as ‘ \0 ‘.

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