Its desired the energy treatment is actually staged below a limit fuel-flow, e

Its desired the energy treatment is actually staged below a limit fuel-flow, e

Besides a better burner containing the swirler, a method for procedure of such a burner was a goal in the creation. Depending on the working state and burden point of a gas turbine, the fuel-flow inserted through a burner varies in a variety.

g. if turbine is carrying out at limited load, in a way that the gas is during one embodiment inserted only on suction area or the force area and/or best through every next or 3rd energy nose of a swirl vane and/or that energy is inserted through the fuel nozzles of each 2nd or third vane of burner.

More, the mixture of both ways to lower fuel injections is suggested: For reduced energy mass flows the energy is actually injected through every second or 3rd gas nose of a vane and simply through the fuel nozzles each and every 2nd or next vane with the burner was suggested. At an increased bulk flow the amount of vanes used for energy shot and the number of nozzles used for energy injections per vane is generally enhanced.

The staging between your suction and pressure edges and/or various nozzles enables further optimization of premixing and command over the burning characteristics. Energy staging allows controlling pollutants and pulsations.

In another embodiment, different fuel could be injected through the suction edges and through stress side and/or through different nozzles in the swirl vanes.

Relating to one embodiment for the running means, the sheer number of gas injections nozzles whereby energy is actually injected is determined as function of the sum of the inserted fuel-flow to be able to ensure the very least circulation when you look at the operative nozzles.

Instead, at an increased size circulation the quantity of nozzles used for fuel injection per vane are enhanced and the quantity of vanes used in fuel shot and that can getting improved. Activation and deactivation of nozzles can for instance be determined according to matching limit energy circulates.

Generally, at the very least the nose injects gas (fluid or gas) and/or carrier gasoline really perpendicular to the main flow path (cross-flow injection). At least one nozzle may, but furthermore inject gasoline and/or service petrol at an inclination position.

Ideally, the vane expands over the whole circulation cross-section between reverse walls associated with the burner. age. from inner to outside restrictive wall surface).

An easy process the spot where the circulation is actually equally distributed to all or any burner nozzles in addition to flow through each nozzle are proportional with the utter circulation can lead to undesirably small movement velocities at specific nozzles, impairing the treatment top quality and penetration range from the gas into the air flow

A minumum of one slit-shaped retailer orifice may be, in the same manner of a nose, arranged in the trailing sides cougar life. A split-shaped or elongated position nozzle is typically organized to give along the trailing edge of the vane.

The nozzles can make up several retailer orifices a variety of gas kinds and provider atmosphere. In one single embodiment an initial nozzle for injection of liquid fuel or petrol gasoline, another nozzle for injection of carrier environment, which encloses one nozzle, tend to be organized during the trailing side.

In another embodiment a primary nose for injections of liquid fuel, a second nozzle for treatment of a gaseous gasoline, which encloses the initial nose, and a 3rd nose for treatment of service air, which encloses the most important nozzle, while the second nozzle, are positioned in the trailing sides.

Preferably, the gasoline nozzles is marketed across the whole width associated with the swirl vane (i

More over, it’s chosen the gasoline is a highly activated gas, preferably picked from class comprising natural gas fuels, hydrogen wealthy fuels, and hydrogen gas.

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