It makes quite a lot, so there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow

It makes quite a lot, so there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow

pm – It’s lunchtime! I like to keep a similar schedule each day during the workweek, so it feels like I always get hungry at the same time, even if I’m working from home. Today I make a ham, cheese and tomato toastie because I feel like something cheesy and it’s raining again, so a hot toastie hits the spot. I have a quick browse online and end up buying a pair of Cools Club shorts ($71) I’ve been eyeing off because there’s an upsized cashback offer on it. I have a Shopback account and use the browser extension whenever I do online shopping – it’s a great way to save even more. The shorts were originally $, but they had a 40% discount and then 30% cashback on top of that. Earning cash back on purchases is a great way to get a little extra discount and I’ve been banking mine up to put towards Christmas presents. $71

I finish my routine with my face oil and moisturiser before hopping into bed to read a little more

3:30pm – My boyfriend gets home from work, which makes me realise the time, so I get up to stretch my legs and have my collagen supplement.

5:00pm – I save my work for the afternoon and switch off my laptop for the day. Keeping really clear work hours at home helps me with balancing work and home life, along with the Instagram work that’s started to come in. I prep the marinade and chicken for tonight’s dinner, so I can put them in the fridge while my boyfriend and I go for our evening walk.

6:30pm – Our walk ends up being quite long but dinner is a honey soy chicken stir fry, so apart from the marinading, it’s quite a quick meal. The recipe is from the Keep It Cleaner app, but I’m using chicken instead of salmon, plus all the vegetables we need to use up.

7:15pm – After eating, my boyfriend wants to spend some time gaming, so I make a cup of decaf tea and read for a while. I’m currently reading Dune before we go to see it at the cinemas and it’s a great way to have a screen break before bed.

8:30pm – I go upstairs to do my nighttime skincare routine. Tonight, I’m trying a new second cleansing step, the Holifrog Superior Omega Gel Wash, because it says it’s good for a more clarifying wash. The brand has just launched in Australia and I got sent the products as a press sample, as well as attending a Zoom to hear about the brand from the founder, so I’ve been really excited to try it.

Day Five

6:00am – I wake up feeling really refreshed and well-rested, probably because I read before bed instead of being on my phone so much. Today’s workout is the next session in my running program, followed by a good stretch session. I’m now up Ohio Fairfield payday loans to 40-minute run sessions, so I’m trying to make sure I cool my muscles down properly so they can recover.

7:30am – I shower and get dressed in some casual housework clothes because today is my day off from my regular work. My job is currently about 30 hours a week, which I mostly do across four days so that I have one day to spend on any work` for my socials or just general life admin. I make my first coffee and sit watching an episode of Friends whilst I drink it, going through my diary and emails to plan my day. I have a little bit of content I want to get done today, but I mostly want to get housework done before the weekend.

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